Joseph (Johann), Czech chemist and physicist, 1821-1895. See: Loschmidt number.
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0] under the normal atmospheric conditions used in the first approximation can be taken equal to the Loschmidt number numerically equal to [N.
In Germany, this number is called the Loschmidt constant, named after a colleague of Boltzmann's.
Es precisamente el elevado numero de grados de libertad de los sistemas de comportamiento irreversible lo que permite a los defensores de la linea boltzmanniana enfrentar la paradoja de Loschmidt.
La paradoja de Loschmidt sostiene que los estados temporalmente invertidos --por inversion de velocidades-- de [[GAMMA].
Desde la perspectiva de Gibbs, la paradoja de Loschmidt no constituye un problema en la medida en que el aumento de entropia solo se produce en un sentido de grano grueso: la microevolucion de los sistemas del ensemble es totalmente conservativo y reversible.
Dr Michael Crampton, reader in chemistry at Durham University, has been awarded the Josef Loschmidt prize for Excellence in Physical Organic Chemistry by the Royal Society of Chemistry.
In 1865 the Austrian chemist Johann Joseph Loschmidt (1821-1895) used Maxwell's kinetic theory of gases (see 1859) to calculate what that number ought to be.
Following NCW/SNC, there was a series of three lectures by Alfred Bader, presented by the McGill Chapter of Sigma Xi, on October 25-26, entitled: "The History of Sigma-Aldrich", "Adventures of a Chemist Collector: Chemistry in Art Restoration" and "Joseph Loschmidt - The Father of Molecular Modelling".
Bader pressed with vigor the claims of the Austrian chemist and physicist Loschmidt.