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A highly toxic crystalline acetylcholinesterase-inhibiting organophosphate insecticide used to control insect pests. It is a neurotoxin and suspected endocrine disruptor, and has been associated with asthma, reproductive and developmental toxicity, and acute toxicity
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Actividad colinesterasa cerebral, muscular, hepatica y plasmatica en juveniles de cachama blanca (Piaractus brachypomus): efecto inhibidor del clorpirifos (Lorsban 4EC[R]).
Plant height was also more in T5 (Triazofas (20/400 EC) @ 750ml ha-1as compared to T2, T4 and T6 where Bifenthrin (Talstar) @ 375ml ha-1, Lorsban 40 EC @ 500ml ha-1and Karate 5EC @ 1250ml ha-1 was applied respectively.
Por otro lado, el uso de Metil y Lorsban 4EC en la tecnologia convencional, insecticidas con valores altos de EIQ, puede indicar un mayor efecto ambiental negativo de esta tecnologia.
The most virulent fungal strain (E6) was tested for compatibility with following chemical insecticides used in apple orchards: chlorpyrifos-ethyl (Lorsban 480BR-72 g a.i./100 L), methidathion (Supracide 400CE-60 g a.i./100 L), tebufenozide (Mimic 240SC-21.6 g a.i./100 L), and fenitrotion (Sumithion 500 CE-75 g a.i./100 L).
Commercially available chlorpyrifos (Lorsban EC 40(r) or Pattas(r)) was diluted in water (20-30 mL 10 L-1, depending on the target pest) before applying to the field (4- 8 L ha-1).
Furthermore, state and federal officials need to create a timeline to phase out the most dangerous pesticides, like Lorsban, (185) and replace them with safer alternatives for agricultural uses.
Se consideraron como parcelas experimentales con aplicacion de insecticidas, las de los agricultores de cruciferas, en donde de manera normal se aplicaron los insecticidas comunes de la region, tales como Cipermetrina (Arrivo), Clorpirifos etil (Disparo y Lorsban) y Spinosad (Spintor).
The effects of the organophosphorus insecticides Dursban and Lorsban on the ciliated epithelium of the frog palate in vitro.
Foliar Hostation Poast Manzate Nitrofos Cymbush Eptam Nemacur NH3 Thiodan Faena Topik Triple 15 Lannate Puma Bravo Fosfato Monoamoniaco Lorsban Seancor 7 UAN-32 Malathion Dactal Sevin 80 Topyk Phosdrin Grasp Folimat Butyrac Trigard Gramoxo Endosulfan Defolia Diazinon Trifluralina Temik Sethoxidin Cytrolane Galigan Dippel Bacilus Tridingencial Metamidofos Poast Gusathion Metilico Dimetoato Herald Orthone Asifos Metilico Bromuro De Metilo Naled Paracuat Clorpicrina Azodrin Succest Pirimor Fuente: Union de Productores de Hortalizas del Valle de Mexicali, Mexicali, B.C., 2004.
Three different methods of fungicide application (seed treatment Baytan, Thiran, Lorsban 30FL, Apron-FL; hopper-box DeltaCoat 11.75 oz/cwt; and in-furrow Terraclor Super X 18.8 G, 7 lb/A) were evaluated for their efficacy in control of diseases.