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Adolf, Austrian surgeon, 1854-1946. See: Lorenz sign.
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This left Lorenz and his team with a very minimal window to observe Venus.
Lorenz added, 'I look forward to joining Fortress Biotech's Board of Directors and working with the management team to continue to execute on the company's goal of maximizing value for its shareholders.
Similar to last year's process, Lorenz has spent the past few months spreading the word about Pedal Empowerment, particularly through social media, and picking up bikes from community members who responded.
Lorenz, a former Orleans County deputy, claimed he was buying the chemicals from his own affiliate, S.E.
The structure of this paper is as follows: section 2 describes the theoretical process of Lorenz system and VMD.
Jin Lorenz said because our plane tickets were Mabuhay we were part of PAL's promotional offer to its patrons.
Displayed on the floor amid the "Wig Pieces," a low circular white platform, recalling Robert Morris's pedestal-free and generally spare geometric sculptures, is a prop from Boudry and Lorenz's 2016 film Silent (on view in the gallery's basement).
Lorenz delivers such revelations matter-of-factly in Marita: The Spy Who Loved Castro, and while her larger-than-life experiences are world-moving enough to invite incredulity, the seductive nature of her memoir is this: you'll want to believe her anyway.
Similarly, smart machines such as autonomous picking robots are leading to change in warehousing, Lorenz said, in part by using sensors and vision technologies to be able to do things like see and sense which produce is freshest, and quickly pick and sort items to ensure retailers get fresh goods.
Lorenz, "Deterministic nonperiodic flow," Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, vol.
This sensibility is sometimes known as "butterfly effect" in honor of Lorenz [1] who described in 1963 the first natural phenomenon showing a chaotic behavior (in this case, the atmospheric evolution) being represented by a differential system (1) which generates a trajectory in the phase space similar to a butterfly (see Figure 1):