Kelvin, Lord

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Kelvin, Lord

Sir William Thomson (First Baron Kelvin of Largs), Brit. physicist, 1824–1907.

Kelvin scale

The temperature scale that uses the kelvin as the unit of measurement and in which absolute zero is equal to minus 273.15° on the Celsius scale. On the Kelvin scale the freezing point of water is 273.15°K, and the boiling point 373.15°K.

Kelvin thermometer

A thermometric scale in which absolute zero is 0°K; the freezing point of water is 273.15°K; and the boiling point of water is 373.15°K. Thus 1°K on the Kelvin scale is exactly equivalent to 1°C.
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Then came Sir William Thomson, latterly known as Lord Kelvin.
Ah, easy, thanks to Lord Kelvin and capillary condensation.
He joins James Clerk Maxwell, Lord Kelvin, John Logie Baird and James Watt in the Scottish Engineering Hall of Fame.
However, it actually goes back at least as far as the 1860s, when Lord Kelvin vilified the lack of temporal precision in geological arguments.
Scientists and engineers with an interest in thermodynamics and anyone interested in the work of Lord Kelvin will find benefit in Kelvin, Thermodynamics and the Natural World.
Editors Collins, Dougal, K|nig, and Ruddock present readers with a collection of academic and scholarly perspectives on the life and works of Lord Kelvin, including his relationship with Darwin, Huxley, and the X-club, and his contribution to the nineteenth century conflict between biological scientists and energy scientists.
More than a hat tip to Lord Kelvin, discoverer of the absolute zero temperature and creator of the Kelvin scale; more than an eventual household name; Kelvinator sounded like a blockbuster movie franchise.
The book is a celebration of human ambition and perseverance, often going against the grain of conventional wisdom: we read that the physicist Lord Kelvin said that radio communication had " no future," and the head of the General Post Office rejected telephones as unnecessary as there were "plenty of small boys to run messages ".
Other honorary fellows include Lord Kelvin, who developed the concept of absolute zero temperature; John Ambrose Fleming, whose thermionic valve was vital to early radio; and Charles Algernon Parsons, who pioneered the steam turbine.
Here I must echo the sentiment of Lord Kelvin in an 1884 speech delivered in Philadelphia:
So when Lord Kelvin oversees the process for additional powers to our parliament, I want him to reach beyond the usual suspects of politicians and civic leaders.
Similarly, the re-invention of shipboard apparatus, in particular the creation of corrected magnetic compasses and mechanical depth sounders by Lord Kelvin, is the subject of Richard Dunn's chapter, which examines how these renovations ushered in other changes in the efficient and effective operation of watercraft.