loop electrosurgical excision procedure

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loop excision

a diagnostic and therapeutic surgical technique for removing dysplastic cells from the uterine cervix.
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loop ex·ci·sion

(lūp ek-sizh'ŭn)
A diagnostic and therapeutic gynecologic surgical technique for removing dysplastic cells from the cervix with a small wire loop.
Synonym(s): loop electrosurgical excision procedure.
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loop electrosurgical excision procedure



A technique for resecting abnormal tissue of the cervix. Colposcopic examination or Pap smear may indicate tissue abnormality. An electrical current is passed through a thin wire loop, heating it so that acts as a scalpel, removing a thin layer of tissue suitable for a biopsy. Formerly known as loop electrode excision procedure.
Synonym: large loop excision of the transformation zone
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Loop electrosurgical excision procedure (LEEP)

Cone biopsy performed with a wire that is heated by electrical current.
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Q. what is a leep

A. every now and then our body, from a number of reasons, have some cells change their nature. when it happens in the cervix and discovered in a PAP smear- you should remove it- as Terrany explained, LEEP is a good option. here is a video about electric laporoscopy in general:

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