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Joseph M., 20th-century U.S. biochemist. See: Folin-Looney test.
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Meredith and her husband, Lance Looney created a series of i like books that develop more meaningful relationships through daily affirmations.
Raymond was a little known band leader, composer and inventor, whose wacky, hyper-animated, eyeball-popping 'cartoon jazz' is most widely recognisable for it's use in the Looney Tunes cartoons from the 1940s onwards and, more recently, in Ren and Stimpy, and The Simpsons.
However, I think a horse who has been openly campaigned at the top of the handicap is the one to be on today and that is the intriguingly named The Bishop Looney. I believe he would have been second to On His Own in the Thyestes two starts ago but for a late fall and he can race off the same mark today.
The enlightened Clooney at the end of Up in the Air, his heart broken, his lifestyle exposed as vacant, would know how to read Looney's "The Worst We Can Do," which is a love poem to love itself.
If and when possible, Looney suggests meeting in person with leads at local offices in your system (franchisee locations it viable) so the chances of an in-person follow-up is more likely and the candidate can meet a franchisee at the same time.
In a land where cartoon characters and flesh-and-blood people work side by side, one little black duck lands in a big pot of trouble in this comedy, which brings the beloved Looney Tunes characters into the real world.
Missouri sheriff Oliver Boyer said Looney had been determined to make sure his girlfriend understood the mechanisms on a gun.
According to Looney, credit union HR professionals should attend at least one employment law session a year and be aware of changes in labor laws.
Sometimes the Looney Tunes gang literally worked for the United States, starring in animated public service shorts produced at the government's request.
Looney said that training problems surfaced about two years ago when Air Force officials reported that many of the airmen who were assigned to Central Command could not be tracked by their own service commanders.
It's no surprise to see Warner Bros.' inhouse videogame unit tapping the studio's rich library of Looney Tunes characters for a pair of games.
Bill Looney, commander of the Air Education and Training Command, and Lt.