A concentrate of a cardioprotective antioxidant, resveratrol—each pill contains the equivalent of 5 to 15 glasses of red wine—which appears to decrease the risk of acute MIs and other cardiovascular disease, and may explain the French paradox
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Once mega-doses of resveratrol (more than 500 mg) began to be employed, side effects like anemia, Achilles heel tendonitis, anxiety reactions, numbness in the fingers, began to be reported," says Bill Sardi, spokesperson for Longevinex (long-jev-in-ex), a leading brand resveratrol dietary supplement.
A resveratrol-based nutraceutical matrix that closely mimics the effect of red wine without the alcohol, calories and preservatives is what Longevinex is.
BMC Genomics 8: 379, 2007; Biochmica Biophysica Acta 1619: 113-24, 2003) Middle-aged males and postmenopausal females have accumulated stores of excess iron and calcium which can be removed by natural mineral chelators, like those provided in Longevinex.
Longevinex uniquely provides a unique matrix of nutraceuticals which both directly and indirectly control iron and calcium utilization in the human body.
Washington, Dec 30 (ANI): Scientists have found that Longevinex worked better at reducing the size of a heart attack better than resveratrol.
The NIH researchers found that plain resveratrol and Longevinex both protected heart tissues and reduced the size of a heart attack, as measured by the amount of scar tissue (fibrosis).
Longevinex reduced the size of a heart attack (from ~35percent without treatment to ~20percent scar tissue with treatment) while resveratrol (from ~35percent to ~24percent scar tissue), and reduced death of heart muscle cells (cardiomyocytes) from ~17percent without treatment to ~9percent with Longevinex (48percent reduction in cell death), compared to a decline from ~17percent to ~12percent with plain resveratrol (20percent reduction in cell death).
Longevinex also doubled the heart pumping pressure as compared to resveratrol.
Q: A Harvard research team tested dozens of supplements containing resveratrol and found that only one, Longevinex, activated the crucial SIR2 enzyme.
Until I have more information from additional studies, I still recommend any good resveratrol product, including Longevinex and Women's Preferred.
Longevinex utilizes patented manufacturing methods under exclusive license from Capsugel (a division of Pfizer), Greenwood, SC, to encapsulate liquids in sealed capsules.
Washington, Dec 28 (ANI): Scientists have found that Longevinex worked better at reducing the size of a heart attack better than resveratrol.