Gossypium hirsutum

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Gossypium hirsutum,

n See gossypol.
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He noted that 90 per cent of these factories rely on the thick yarns produced by the short-staple cotton, forcing them to import around 150,000 tonnes of cotton every year, when Egypt now exports no more than 65,000 of its long-staple cotton to the world.
Aside from using long-staple cotton fiber, devoted fans of the twist constructions said there are benefits from processing the towels with little twist.
The long-staple cotton, combined with our proprietary spinning process, gives the towel the soft hand," said Judi Alexander, director of advertising and marketing services.
Egyptian long-staple cotton has long remained one of the finest cotton types worldwide.
An official with the Egyptian Chamber of Textile Industries said the rate of low quality imported cotton ranges between 10% and 15%, but for Egyptian middle-staple and long-staple cotton, the same figure is only 2%.