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Cardiology Carvedilol or Metoprolol European Trial. A trial comparing carvedilol and immediate release metoprolol tartrate on clinical outcome in patients with moderate to severe heart failure
Conclusion Cardiovascular deaths occurred in 29% of carvedilol patients and in 35% of metoprolol patients
ENT Combined microscopic & endoscopic technique. An alternative to the technically demanding endoscopic sinus surgery for chronic sinus diseases, a technique which allows less experienced operators to manage these diseases with fewer complications
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They found that even outside the periods of comet showers, the inner Oort Cloud was a major source of long-period comets that eventually cross Earth's path.
These comets, travelling in parabolic orbits, are known as long-period comets and by definition have orbital periods greater than 200 years, though the actual periods are generally a few thousand years or more.
And instead of hurling destructive comets toward Earth where they could do away with terrestrial lifeforms, Tyche would simply shepherd the bodies into the nonrandom orbits that some researchers believe they observe among long-period comets.