London Prize Ring Rules

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A set of boxing rules promulgated in 1838 and revised in 1853, based on the rules introduced by bare-knuckle heavyweight champion Jack Broughton in 1743. These were superseded by the Marquess of Queensberry rules which are regarded as laying the foundation of modern boxing
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The 18th-century London Prize Ring rules were an early attempt to regulate what?
This was the last title fight to take place under London Prize Ring Rules.
The first set of rules for the sport of Boxing, the London Prize Ring rules, were introduced in which year?
Then in 1743 the London Prize Ring rules were established, designed to prevent deaths in the ring.
In a grudge match billed as a "pugilistic encounter," Hyer beat Tom Beasley in a bare-knuckles contest under London Prize Ring Rules. Hyer then designated himself "America's first champion" and retired.

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