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Etienne, French physician, 1868-1920. See: Lombard voice-reflex test.
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He was adamant that it could not be reduced to "tenth-century Lombardic law.
This went on until Alessandro Manzoni, who rewrote his Fermo e Lucia into I promessi sposi, <<andando a sciaquare i suoi panni in Arno>> ('rinsing his laundry in the Amo River')--that is to say reviewing his Lombardic dialect in the Florentines spoken language--, as a protest against the purists of the Accademia della Crusca and their consideration of the ancient Tuscan of Dante, Petrarca, and Boccaccio as the only valid national model.
This scenario would have given Tolkien the opportunity to explore two major areas of interest: medieval Germanic and Lombardic tradition, and the Atlantis myth.