lognormal distribution

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log·nor·mal dis·tri·bu·tion

if a variable y is such that x = log y, it is said to have a lognormal distribution; this is a skew distribution.
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reported the default lognormal distribution with the GM of 2 and the GSD of 4 [6].
Fox-Kemper and Pearson also found that the downscaling of three-dimensional eddies also follows a lognormal distribution, allowing for the prediction of log-normality in both systems.
We then developed an automated workflow with standardized decision rules for assigning conceptual models and magnitudes of effect, default uncertainty distributions based largely on the WHO/ IPCS (2014) review, and a simplified calculation approach using lognormal distributions that has been validated for accuracy.
(2) Lognormal distribution is superior compared with other three types of distribution.
Although the values of the three parts are similar, the best-fitting distribution for part 2 is the Weibull distribution, and that for parts 1 and 3 is the lognormal distribution. This result is also because of the impact of the strong reflection caused by the street building.
* RSS histogram analysis offers insights into the environment impact on measurements--we conclude that the lognormal distribution models the RSS histogram with the best accuracy.
For lognormal distribution, respective values are also provided on a non-logarithmized scale for better comparability.
As hypothesized, the distribution across chemicals of [TDVM.sub.01] = [log.sub.10]([TDVF.sub.01]) was consistent with a lognormal distribution by the Shapiro-Wilk test (p = 0.32).
The a-parameters (slopes or scale parameters) were obtained from a lognormal distribution (with [micro] = 0 and [[sigma].sup.2] = 0.5, yielding a distribution with an expected value of 1.13 and a variance of 0.36).
To compare the FWE rates of the adjustment procedures, the survival times for each group were generated from the standard exponential distribution with [[lambda].sub.k] = 1 and the lognormal distribution with a mean of [[mu].sub.k] = 0 and scale parameter [[sigma].sub.k] = 0.5.
Reference [12] makes a statistical analysis of distribution of C and m, and the conclusion was that C followed lognormal distribution and m followed normal distribution.