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The logarithm of the ratio of frequencies of two different categoric and mutually exclusive outcomes such as healthy and sick.
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The logit function is the canonical link for mean estimation leading to log-odd predicting variable parameter estimates, exponentiation of these parameter estimates yield odds ratios.
In order to interpret the logit function, we calculated the marginal effects and the result of the score function, which was then validated by calculating the likelihood of PD.
Therefore, four combinations are selected to perform the multivariate analysis with logit function.
The second stage is a nested logit function used to estimate the market share among modal options: air, auto, bus, and rail (Chu and Chen, 1995; ICF Kaiser Engineers, 1993; KPMG Peat Marwick et al.
In the context of generalised hierarchical linear models this type of transformation is termed logit function.
This was done by substituting the average values of the variables into the Logit function and calculating the probabilities from the estimated value of the Logit function so obtained.
Specifically, for each year Y in the sample, the impact of each explanatory variable i is calculated as the difference between the logit function [PHI] where, for one variable i, the overall mean is substituted by its mean value in year Y (the values of all other variables remain at their overall mean values) and the logit function where all variables are at their overall mean values.
22 Logit function for FuncW 1/h window 23 Probability for Pw 1/h window open 24 Random number Rn 1/h between 0 and 1 25 Window opening Weff 1/h effectiveness 26 Window status (0 = Sw 1/h closed, 1= open) 27 If 5[degrees]C 1/h hotter outside: close window?
The dose response data were analysed using a model based on the logit function (Hosmer and Lemeshow 1989) in SigmaPlot, SPSS Inc.
First, one can test whether ethnicity and language simply shifts the logit function up or down by an intercept shifter (e.
where i indexes individuals, j indexes industries, t indexes time, and f is the logit function.