logistic curve

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lo·gis·tic curve

an S-shaped curve that depicts the growth of a population in an area of fixed limits.
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logistic curve

an S-shaped curve of numbers against time that represents the growth in numbers of a population of organisms in a limited environment. see GROWTH CURVE.
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The logistic function is one of the most commonly used research methods to determine the stopping probability, which describes the relationship between the stopping probability of a vehicle and its distance to intersection at the onset of an amber light.
Other models that have been applied in batch test are: the Transference Function, Logistic Function and Modified Gompertz.
In addition, the lowest values in MSE, AIC and BIC goodness of fit criteria, were obtained from the Janoschek function, followed by the Morgan Mercer Flodin function as the second best fit model in terms of MSE, AIC and BIC values (27.82, 41.08, 42.67, respectively) and the Logistic function as the third one (34.64, 45.09, 46.54, respectively).
Cross entropy was used as error function and logistic function was chosen as a transfer function.
From the data collected on the percentage of edentulous jaws, projections were made for the years 2020, 2030 and 2040, assuming that edentulism behavior follows a logistic function (15) and that the same trends would continue until 2040.
ADNA baseline value before drug administration against MAP using a sigmoid logistic function [58].
It also has a configuration file which specifies the acceptance thresholds of the logistic function, the method of converting utterances into pseudodocuments (C-I Routing and its parameters or Direct Routing) and the classes that will be used according to the training (months, days, mobile phone brands, countries, etc.).
The growth curve of demand rate under such circumstances can be represented by the sigmoid or S shaped pattern (e.g., logistic function), when demand rate is plotted against credit period (Figure 1).
The table reports estimates of the ancillary parameter of the log- logistic function, gamma.
This imposes the need of an activation function and we further chose the logistic function for both, hidden and output layers.
The authors propose a method of determining a model of forecasting crises and economic downturns using the gradient measurement (synthetic measure) and the modified logistic function (log-logistic function--based on logistic law (Kuznets, 1971)) which was tested on the Polish economy.

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