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n the process of distributing an essential oil among several solvents by using the various soluble properties of the components within the essential oil.
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0 supports a broad range of host-side and SAN-attached storage devices connected via Fibre Channel, Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE), iSCSI, DAS, host-side I/O cache, solid state disk (SSD) or Logical Volumes.
Loads are automatically balanced and logical volumes are easily created and expanded on demand with no user impact.
The newer, more sophisticated open file backups can take an accurate snapshot of multiple logical volumes simultaneously, thereby performing an accurate backup.
5 Server Monitoring module captures details including CPU usage, total memory, available memory, number of users, number of processes, installed applications, logical volumes, and substantial allocation details.
Partitioning libraries into logical volumes is one way of managing mixed media, though virtual partitioning offers far more advantages, including:
For an SPC-1 result, a Test Sponsor must report the mapping of ASUs in Logical Volumes, Addressable Storage, Configured Storage, and Physical Storage.
The iSCSI V-Switch storage management and virtualization features gather all physical storage resources (SCSI, iSCSI and FC) into a single pool, enabling network administrators to define new logical volumes from these pooled resources independent of physical barriers such as enclosures, physical disks, protocols, and distance.
Logical volumes used to store data in SPC-1 must demonstrate the ability to preserve data across extended periods of power loss without corruption or loss to ensure the benchmark configuration provides enterprise class reliability in the presence of 1/O load.
This permits administrators to create logical volumes or virtual disks from actual physical storage.