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n the process of distributing an essential oil among several solvents by using the various soluble properties of the components within the essential oil.
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As an additional bonus, the system administrator maintains complete control over configuring the size and number of logical volumes presented to each client server, thus providing a large margin of flexibility for determining how much and how long backup data resides at disk speeds.
Similarly, Exchange clients with different data availability needs may be assigned to logical volumes with different protection characteristics.
The servers no longer see (and try to grab) specific physical targets, but instead "discover" logical volumes for their exclusive use.
The i1000 and i1500 include iSCSI host support to create a full-function block-storage IP SAN; logical volume management to create a common pool of storage, increasing overall disk utilization rates; advanced storage packet routing and 128-bit SSL security; and iSCSI to SCSI and Fibre Channel bridging, supporting the most common interface standards for storage systems today.
High scalability and availabilityThe new version of CentricStor also increases the number of logical volumes that can be processed in one system, from 500,000 to 1,500,000, confirming the Virtual Tape Appliance's leadership in offering a greater capacity than any other virtual or physical tape system.
Once the client servers complete their data backups, a master backup server can fetch the date directly flora the logical volumes and place it on tape or other archival media, such as WORM or optical drives.
The fabled EMC microcode has been enhanced so that up to 4,096 logical volumes can be addressed on Symmetrix servers, up from 1,024 now.
The iCS2100 is the first product from Eurologic's Elantra IP-SAN solutions roadmap, and is a highly flexible storage solution demonstrating a number of features such as target-based virtualization, the ability to export multiple logical volumes (up to 512), dynamic expansion capabilities, sharing of block storage between servers, target security and support for zoning of storage between applications.