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The logical process of passing from observations and axioms to generalizations; in statistics, the development of generalizations from sample data, usually with calculated degrees of uncertainty.
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A conclusion drawn by a logical analysis of the available evidence.
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One of the reasons why a logical inference chain is by no means applicable to drug interchangeability rules is because while G is sufficiently bioequivalent to REF, bioequivalence between EQ and REF remains unproven.
Similarly to Experiment 1, Experiment 2c demonstrated that the anti-inference bias persists with smaller differences between the Direct and Inference scenarios (in terms of the number of laboratory results), and that it is not a product of a failure to draw simple logical inferences. The robustness of the bias was further established in a within-subject design, which juxtaposed direct and inference evidence.
As shown in figure 1, we have been developing the question-answering system having two characteristics of logical inference using knowledge and dealing with the diversity of natural language.
This paper shows that, in this case, the root cause is due to improper assumptions, specifically the first hidden assumption identified by Jaynes highlighted in section 5 above, that is assuming that a conditional probability represents a physical influence instead of the physically correct logical inference. In summary,
The actual goal was to show that it is possible to run logical inference by DNA with two possible values of facts (true/false) which differ from the base concept of Shapiro's implementation of simple logic programs [19]which physically implements only one value.
Lynch claims that, insofar as the players know that the inhabitants of the imaginary planet will be humans and that this world will look like the actual one, they will first choose the epistemic principles that humans cannot but trust, no matter whether or not the methods recommended by such principles (such as observation and logical inference) will be reliable on the imaginary planet.
"If the people of Wales wanted to vote for independence, it would be very difficult for Westminster not also to accept that sovereign authority on that supreme question also rests in Wales, and then by logical inference it rests with the English people.
It was also a logical inference from Saddam Hussein's refusal to fully comply with U.N.
However, unlike many of the other "conservatives" who regularly discredit themselves and "the Right" by attacking Obama on talk radio and the blogosphere with insults, invective and profanity-laced bombast, and unsubstantiated charges, Loudon restricts his commentary to facts, solid analysis, logical inference, and hard-hitting, but civil, discourse.
After setting out theoretical models of logical inference, they explore some new and original direction in artificial intelligence, machine learning, Internet data analysis, and creating intelligent computer systems.

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