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The logarithm of the ratio of frequencies of two different categoric and mutually exclusive outcomes such as healthy and sick.
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The estimated effect size for the fixed effect of Standard Dutch gender was 5.9 [+ or -] 0.57 (estimated 3 [+ or -] standard error, in log-odds).
The term to the left, the log of the relative market shares, is the log-odds ratio, with brand-name drug sold by chain 1 as the reference case.
A university degree is associated with an increase of 2.04 in the ordered log-odds of belonging to a higher attendance category.
The Plackett distribution is a discrete bivariate distribution where the global log-odds ratios do not depend on the cut points so that association is determined by a single parameter as in the normal distribution.
Odds ratios reflect the difference in the odds of the outcome in question for a 1 unit increase in the independent variables and are computed by exponentializing the log-odds coefficients.
where [z.sub.11] represents the activation value of "radiologic finding" and [z.sub.27], "abnormal radiologic density, nodular." The predictor [z.sub.11], "radiologic finding," is significantly associated with the log-odds of HCC (p = 0.016).
In this regression, the coefficient on the interaction ([delta]) represents the change in utility from choosing a facility with a given star rating after the star rating is publicly released (or the log-odds of being admitted to a facility with a given star rating after the rating is publicly released).
When the intercept is allowed to vary randomly across countries, the general intercept for country j is estimated: 1.721 +, where the variance of--or the between-country variance in the log-odds of supporting integration--is estimated as 0.321 (SE=0.110), which is significant at 1% level.
The logarithm of the ratio [P.sub.i] and (1-[P.sub.i]) is the log-odds ratio and the log-odds ratio is a linear function of the explanatory variables.
We examined the task "packing a suitcase." A score of zero log-odds (logits) is an average control ability [7].
Variable M SD Minimum Maximum Use of assistive technology .51 .50 0.00 1.00 Parental involvement .38 .48 0.00 1.00 School placement .24 .43 0.00 1.00 Likelihood of paid work 3.28 1.01 1.00 4.00 Table 3 Multilevel modeling log-odds and odds ratios by variable.
In both specifications, price dispersion, [DISP.sub.ijt], is measured in three different ways: the logarithm of the interquartile range, the Gini log-odds ratio, (18) and the 90th and 10th percentiles, each estimated in separate regressions.