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The logarithm of the ratio of frequencies of two different categoric and mutually exclusive outcomes such as healthy and sick.
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A 1 percent increase in stroke quality in 2007/8 is associated with a reduction in the log odds ratio of death of 0.
The table also lists log odds estimates ranked from highest to lowest in magnitude by absolute value.
Since parameters based on log odds are difficult to interpret, they are usually converted to coefficients based on the odds of the dependent variable.
In this study, for instance, when looking at students with IEPs, variable B is interpreted by thinking, "If a student has an IEP, the predicted log odds of placement in algebra or above by eighth grade changes by this much (while holding other variables constant).
The densities of livestock were right skewed; thus, we log-transformed the variables to create a more linear relationship between animal density and log odds of LA-MRSA.
Sometimes, it is convenient to work with log odds ratios instead of probabilities; so, I denote [rho] = log(p/(1 - p)).
The final models are shown below (Table 2) as coefficients relative to the log odds of shell disease development.
This procedure involves the calculation of log odds (4), converted into probabilities (5), by allowing the values of expatriate slack to vary along the entire range of its actual values (minimum = -0.
The magnitudes of the coefficients in these equations are difficult to interpret, as they represent the change in the log odds ratio associated with a unit change in a particular independent variable.
Based on Table 3, the log odds ratio was calculated as 1.
First, rather than attempting to model the murder rate by state, we model the log odds of being murdered (17) because this latter measure avoids the implicit truncation problems of the former.