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(lō′ē, lœ′vē), Otto 1873-1961.
German-born American pharmacologist. He shared a 1936 Nobel Prize for work on the chemical transmission of nerve impulses.
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In 2007, thanks to all those papers of which Loewi spoke, a drug is a pharmaceutical agent, based on science, that is given to a patient to prevent, cure or ameliorate a disease.
Prior to joining Nationwide, he was a producer at Merrill Lynch, Blunt Ellis and Loewi and led the creation of a securities program at Concordia Federal in Evergreen Park, IL.
Jenny Loewi Adams, Programme Director, GAIM stated, "Given CERF's unique mandate in this area this is a particularly timely development.
Former Brat Packer C Thomas Howell, who also starred in Soul Man, appears alongside Fiona Loewi in a thriller with a sting in its tail.
Prior to joining Baird in 1991, Gellman had been with Blunt Ellis & Loewi for 10 years, where he also was that firm's top-producing broker.
Before that, he was executive vice president and head of Corporate Finance for one of its predecessor firms, Blunt, Ellis & Loewi, Inc.
Regarding the potential sale of the company announced last November, David White Chairman Marshall Loewi said that after a number of delays related to environmental concerns which have since been resolved, the negotiations were terminated.