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(lō′ē, lœ′vē), Otto 1873-1961.
German-born American pharmacologist. He shared a 1936 Nobel Prize for work on the chemical transmission of nerve impulses.
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During the early Depression years, Adolf Loewi did much to support and encourage the many poor artists, German and otherwise, who lived and struggled in Venice.
In July, at the first shift to anti-Semitic policies by Mussolini's government, Adolf Loewi applied for an immigration visa; at the time of the Munich crisis of 1938 he was working in Paris and found himself barred, as a Jew, from re-entering Italy.
In 1943 the Loewi art firm co-ordinated a major show at the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History and Art (as it was then called), displaying 465 pieces of woven silk contributed by several important U.
In 1970 Adolf Loewi retired, and Kay and Bill took over all business duties.
Dale, who had discovered acetylcholine a few years before (see 1914), recognized that its effects were similar to those described by Loewi and suggested that Vagusstoffe was acetylcholine.
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