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(lō′ē, lœ′vē), Otto 1873-1961.
German-born American pharmacologist. He shared a 1936 Nobel Prize for work on the chemical transmission of nerve impulses.
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In 1923, Adolf Loewi became honorary German consul in Venice, and thus was inaugurated a busy, opulent decade from which Kay's earliest memories derive.
During the early Depression years, Adolf Loewi did much to support and encourage the many poor artists, German and otherwise, who lived and struggled in Venice.
In July, at the first shift to anti-Semitic policies by Mussolini's government, Adolf Loewi applied for an immigration visa; at the time of the Munich crisis of 1938 he was working in Paris and found himself barred, as a Jew, from re-entering Italy.
The idea for testing to see whether the chemical so obtained could be extracted and made to stimulate another heart directly, without the intervention of nerve activity, came to Loewi at 3 A.M.
Loewi called the substance Vagusstoffe (German for "vagus material").
The recent weakness creates a buying opportunity, according to Blunt, Ellis & Loewi retailing analyst Richard Elam.
Former Brat Packer C Thomas Howell, who also starred in Soul Man, appears alongside Fiona Loewi in a thriller with a sting in its tail.
"Bad Guys," Action-adventure; producers, Frederico Lapenda, Art Birzneck; director, Mtano Loewi; cast, Don Wilson.
Karel Lamonte Campbell Scott Sandy Fawkes Fiona Loewi Guy Fawes Tom Everett Scott Officer Gayle Hardee T.
It's hard to tell when the residents are already as strange as local sexbomb Sandy Fawkes ("Love and Death on Long Island's" wonderful Fiona Loewi) -- who's like June Cleaver as played by Betty Page -- and her oh-so-close brother, Guy (Tom Everett Scott), who always seems just a bit behind the beat.
Scott's droll, off-kilter delivery anchors the movie neatly, and his uptight, falsely confident persona does set off a kind of "cool fusion" with Loewi's feline warmth.