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Being part of the festivities brings singer/guitarist Pete Loeffler full circle following formative experiences as a fan during Lolla's initial run as a touring festival in the early '90s.
Effective 1 August 2019, Loeffler will succeed the company's outgoing CFO Michael J.
James Loeffler's Rooted Cosmopolitans: Jews and Human Rights in the Twentieth Century tells the riveting, intertwined sagas of five Jewish activists: Hersch Lauterpacht, drafter of the original international bill of rights; Jacob Robinson, expert on the Minorities Treaties, founding member of the World Jewish Congress (WJC), and advocate for the rights of refugees; Maurice Perlzweig, the rabbi-diplomat who worked using "quiet diplomacy" for Jews' interests through the WJC; Jacob Blaustein, oil baron and president of the American Jewish Committee (AJC), who represented American Jews' "foreign policy" to successive presidents; and Peter Benenson, founding leader of Amnesty International, who turned human rights into a global movement.
"GGG promoter Tom Loeffler hoping to wrap a deal up soon ahead of a spring return for the former middleweight champ."
"We don't want to go to Japan and the Japanese didn't want to go to the Philippines either," said Michael Aldeguer, whose ALA Boxing will join hands with Ioka's team, US promoter Tom Loeffler and a Chinese group to stage the fight for the vacant 115-lb title.
Rusty Loeffler, a co-owner of Interurban who also serves as vice president on Loveworks' board of directors, handles the Thursday night meal each week.
Among the topics are efficient hardware architecture of a DCT Cordic based Loeffler compression algorithm for wireless endoscopic capsule, a fuzzy-based gang scheduling approach for multiprocessor systems, a retinal identification system based on optical disc ring extraction and new local SIFT-RUK descriptor, a methodology for analyzing direct sampling receiver architectures from signal processing and system perspective, and mobile workflow management system architecture taking into account relevant security requirements.
Now, in Rooted Cosmopolitans: Jews and Human Rights in the Twentieth Century, James Loeffler focuses on a crucial part of the history of human rights, and one that earlier scholarship has neglected: the Jewish dimension.
Promoter Tom Loeffler believes he must finalize a deal by 'the middle of next week' to stage a bout on a traditionally huge date for boxing.
"The overarching message is this is where you want a state agency to be: In the black, rather than in the red," agency spokesman Mark Loeffler said in an interview.
Meaghan Wells and Jennifer Loeffler were looking for a secluded, luxurious resort in the Caribbean to host their friends and family for a destination wedding.
David Freeman and David Loeffler head up Texas Gun Pros in North Richland Hills, Texas, and Loeffler's Guns in Grants, New N.M., respectively.