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Relating to locomotion, or movement from one place to another.
Synonym(s): locomotive, locomotory
[L. locus, place, + L. moveo, pp. motus, to move]
adjective Referring to locomotion; in medicine, locomotor is often preferred
noun A train


; locomotive movement from one place to another
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Eight of the new locomotives will be of the MS type and operate on the new, extended Germany-Austria-Switzerland-Italy-Netherlands-Belgium corridor while five more MS type locomotives will operate on the Germany-Austria-Belgium-Netherlands corridor.
At present 175 locomotives are non-operational and are waiting for major repairs, said Economic Survey 2014-15 released by Finance Minister Ishaq Dar.
According to the PR sources on Friday, the last shipment consisted of 15 locomotives of 3,000 Horsepower which would be inducted in the system till the end of the current month after trial.
The plant has already concluded a 480 million euro contract with Iran's Rail Road Company (RAJA) for production of new locomotives.
The testing and analysis of these locomotives is part of an ongoing initiative at Union Pacific to develop and use technology in pursuit of emissions reductions," said Mike Iden, Union Pacific general director, car and locomotive engineering.
The contractual agreement came into effect in 2008, when TransNamib embarked upon a refurbishment programme for the aged general electric locomotives in order to increase their life span.
The historic "Barry 10" steam locomotives were rescued from the internationally-famous locomotive "graveyard" at Dai Woodham's scrapyard on former dockland.
Genset Locomotive Market: Sales Forecast of Non Road Engine Requirement for Locomotives (North America), 2010-2017 65
As the majority of all diesel locomotives in the Middle East come from EMD, it is with that great wealth of experience that EMD has used in designing locomotives for excellent operational capabilities for SAR.
The other three locomotives also went off the track, but remained upright, Johnston said.
Previously, "if we took on a contract for Union Pacific for 25 locomotives to be remanufactured in six months, we didn't have the facilities to do it all.
The castings are to be used on GM's SD-70 series locomotives recently ordered by Union Pacific Railroad.