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Relating to locomotion, or movement from one place to another.
Synonym(s): locomotive, locomotory
[L. locus, place, + L. moveo, pp. motus, to move]
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adjective Referring to locomotion; in medicine, locomotor is often preferred
noun A train
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He said the department has planned the upgradation and modernization for enhancing the productivity of Locomotive Factory Risalpur, Carriage Factory Islamabad, Central Diesel Locomotives Workshop Rawalpindi ad Mughalpura Workshops on joint venture basis.
'We are also going to write to the US embassy and the company as well that the PR was not given quality locomotives. These engines are much expensive in the world.'
In the joint venture, KRC will assign four locomotive drivers to organise a test with the SGR operator.
The first AZ8A locomotive became a part of the contract signed by EKZ with Azerbaijan Railways in 2014 for the supply of 50 locomotives, including 10 passenger locomotives Prima M4 AZ4A.
'Currently Pakistan Railways had owned 468 locomotives and 1,820 coaches (bogies),' an official in the Ministry of Railways told reporter.
27 (ANI): East Central Railways has started testing the first 12000 horse power freight locomotive at the Ministry of Railway-Alstom joint venture factory 'Madhepura Electric Locomotive Pvt.
Taken off site, enthusiasts thought it unlikely the loco would run again, especially after the railway took on larger carriages pushed by powerful diesel locomotives.
Described as a tribute to Tyneside's pioneering railway history, the event features two locomotives that have never returned to the North East since being built in the Forth Banks area of Newcastle over 60 years ago.
62 is now the only one in working order and is more powerful than many express locomotives. It is making its first trip back to the North East from its current home at the Spa Valley Railway in Tunbridge Wells.
So people wonder as to why are we so keen to import locomotives? We should utilise the full potential of our Risalpur factory and manufacture all the 55 engines here.
dispose off 15 locomotives of 3000 horse power, five each during the