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Relating to locomotion, or movement from one place to another.
Synonym(s): locomotive, locomotory
[L. locus, place, + L. moveo, pp. motus, to move]
adjective Referring to locomotion; in medicine, locomotor is often preferred
noun A train


; locomotive movement from one place to another
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The delivery of the first TRAXX AC Last Mile locomotive to Railpool for use in Scandinavia is scheduled for the third quarter 2016.
Rehabilitation of 27 held up locomotives (HGMU-30) of 3000 HP is being arranged through PSDP at a cost of Rs.
In July, Iran officially inaugurated the first factory specialized in locomotive production in an effort to boost the share of rail transportation in the country's public transportation.
In partnering with EMD to develop these experimental locomotives, Union Pacific continues working to upgrade and improve the fuel-efficiency of its locomotive fleet.
Following restoration, two of the locomotives will be displayedat the Barry Rail Centre, while another willberestoredforuseonthe Barry Island railway.
Union Pacific operates the world's largest Genset fleet, and we will continue to use our hybrid locomotive experience to develop more advanced and cleaner locomotive technologies in the future," Iden said.
The Evolution series locomotives sold by GE Transportation to the ENR provide a platform for rail growth, grounded in high tractive effort, fuel savings and future emissions reductions," said Lorenzo Simonelli, president and CEO of GE Transportation.
EMD is the leader in locomotive power in the region with over 3,750 units delivered," added Ramzi Imad, EMD's Regional Director for Middle East and Africa.
Eight passengers in the southbound cars - which were pushed by a locomotive - were killed, along with the engineer and two passengers in the northbound train.
The trust is building Tornado at its Darlington locomotive works and when complete it will be used to haul charter trains throughout the national rail network.
During the testing, the vehicle ran five, eight-hour shifts at the mine site, pulling drags of six and seven fully-loaded ore cars compared to just five cars from a conventional battery-powered locomotive.
The movement toward the use of two 6000-hp AC locomotive engines instead of three 4000-hp locomotive sets to provide better fuel economy and operating costs is changing the casting requirements.