Lockwood ligament

sus·pen·so·ry lig·a·ment of eye·ball

a thickening of the inferior part of the bulbar sheath that supports the eye within the orbit; it extends between the lateral and medial orbital margins and includes the medial and lateral check ligaments.
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Lockwood ligament

[Charles B. Lockwood, Brit. surgeon, 1856–1914]
The suspensory ligament of the lens of the eye.
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Charles B., English anatomist and surgeon, 1858-1914.
ligament of Lockwood - Synonym(s): suspensory ligament of eyeball
Lockwood clamp
Lockwood forceps
Lockwood ligament - Synonym(s): suspensory ligament of eyeball
Lockwood tendon
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Besides, surgery, trauma, or disease may cause a rent in the surrounding connective tissue including Tenon's capsule, the orbital septum, and Lockwood ligament allowing the extraconal fat to herniate into the eyelids or the intraconal fat to herniate into the subconjunctival space, medial to the lacrimal gland.