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Charles B., English anatomist and surgeon, 1858-1914. See: Lockwood ligament.
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Lockwood, who was chosen by Vail in 1879 to establish a Patent Department.
He might fairly have been compared, in action, to a rapid-firing Gatling gun; while Smith was a hundred-ton cannon, and Lockwood was the maker of the ammunition.
Her name was Agnes Lockwood. She was described as being the superior of the Countess in personal attraction, and as being also by some years the younger woman of the two.
he can't face the tenantry; they know about Agnes Lockwood.' 'Well, but where is he going?'
Roe Lockwood & Son, New York, for my Spanish books, and I dare say that my letters were sufficiently pedantic, and filled with a simulated acquaintance with all Spanish literature.
Team Happy Birthday 010819 Lockwood Con (9) Adell, Amanda, Ian and Faye 010819 Lockwood Con (8) Elaine, Peter, Steven, Janet, Parminder, Ian and Ken 010819 Lockwood Con (7) Louise, Rachel, Craig, Nunzia and Jason 010819 Lockwood Con (4) Kirsty and Loretta 010819 Lockwood Con (5) Holly, Olivia, Lois, Michaela , Claire, Paul and Lisa 010819 Lockwood Con (3) At The Bar Crew 010819 Lockwood Con (1)
Lockwood, 20, of the 0-100 block of South Oak Street, Crystal Lake, is charged with attempted murder, armed violence, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, aggravated battery to a victim 60 or older, and aggravated battery in a public place, all felonies.
Starring Filipino-British actor Guy Lockwood, 'Unveiling the Horse Demon' bested films from the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Canada and China.
Chris Lockwood, former Division Manager of Waste Pro's Hattiesburg location, has been promoted to Divisional Vice President.
Some people are born to write, and one of those people is Patricia Lockwood, who knew at age 6 that she would be a poet.
Guy Lockwood came of age during the period of the rise of American socialism.