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Charles B., English anatomist and surgeon, 1858-1914. See: Lockwood ligament.
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Two years before, Lockwood had heard Bell lecture in Chickering Hall, New York, and was a "doubting Thomas.
He might fairly have been compared, in action, to a rapid-firing Gatling gun; while Smith was a hundred-ton cannon, and Lockwood was the maker of the ammunition.
he can't face the tenantry; they know about Agnes Lockwood.
Roe Lockwood & Son, New York, for my Spanish books, and I dare say that my letters were sufficiently pedantic, and filled with a simulated acquaintance with all Spanish literature.
It's play down to four at each venue to reach the final at Lockwood Con on May 28 (2pm).
Some people are born to write, and one of those people is Patricia Lockwood, who knew at age 6 that she would be a poet.
Guy Lockwood came of age during the period of the rise of American socialism.
WORCESTER - Thelma Brodsky did not much enjoy the company of Howard Lockwood in kindergarten.
MURDER victim Jason Lockwood was killed in his own home by attackers who beat him unconscious then set fire to his flat, a court heard.
David Andrew Branagan was jailed for six years at Teesside Crown Court in March after admitting the manslaughter of Lee Lockwood.
Lockwood sometimes finds himself crawling through the muck on hands and knees to take close-up portraits of mushrooms.