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With the statue commemorating their achievements locked away in a warehouse for three years while councillors decided what to do, Messrs Boulton, Murdoch and Watt must be turning in their graves at such tardiness.
Carbon dating of the methane indicates that the organic material had been locked away for 20,000 to 40,000 years.
Another model, the 10-drive Data Safe Copy Master II Pro 10-priced at $1,595-features intuitive, standalone operation and a front-bay 160 GB hard drive that can be removed and locked away in a secure location.
But I keep them locked away. And I keep quiet about them." Some defense!
In a fortified castle in the woods live a knight and his 12 redheaded daughters, locked away from harm and from the real world.
Killian is locked away in an abbey wearing an iron collar around his neck so he can't perform magic and Beynor is exiled to the Downtide Isles with the sentient Salka monsters who want to rule the humans.
He knows that the pieces of the puzzle he needs are locked away in the heads of the elderly peasants who stayed in Chernobyl, living life in step with centuries-old customs and defying the deadly radiation all around them.
"Our research has shown that CO2 storage under the North Sea will be safely locked away until at least the next Ice Age." And early this year both Statoil and the British oil giant BP were involved in a joint project to pump millions of tons of CO2 three miles underground from a gas field in Algeria.
Western countries, particularly the Anglo-Saxon countries, have been spending like drunken sailors, financed by massive amounts of credit or spending savings supposedly locked away for Social Security, superannuation, and medical liabilities in the future.
Users can search records that have recently opened up to the public after being locked away for 30 years, including Winston Churchill's wartime telegrams and T.E.
The integrated, metered dispensing system keeps disinfectant chemicals safely locked away from residents and dispenses soap/body wash and bath additive automatically.
Legend has us understand that the embarrassed Count kept the sculpture locked away to be seen only by selected viewers.