Locke solutions

Locke so·lu·tions

solutions containing, in varying amounts, NaCl, CaCl2, KCl, NaHCO3, and d-glucose; used for irrigating mammalian heart and other tissues in laboratory experiments; also used in combination with naturally occurring body substances (for example, blood serum, tissue extracts) and more complex chemically defined nutritive solutions for culturing animal cells.
[Frank S. Locke]
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Frank S., English physiologist, 1871-1949.
Cabot-Locke murmur - see under Cabot
Locke solutions - solutions used for irrigating and culturing mammalian heart and other tissues in laboratory experiments.
Locke-Ringer solution - a solution used in the laboratory for physiological and pharmacological experiments.
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Houston-based Locke Solutions recognized site, labor and safety circumstances surrounding the refinery structure, and delivered a precast solution for a customer mindful of cast-in-place methods' quality control and schedule variables.
Within its core Texas, Gulf Coast and South-Central market radius, Locke Solutions has established a presence the past two years by pursuing custom work in energy and chemical facilities, along with more conventional municipal projects.
"We have a niche product, an engineered structure with labor and plant management requirements less predictable than you find in repeatable production," says Locke Solutions President Asher Kazmann, P.E.
All Locke Solutions precast pieces and structures are shipped absent outer-wall stenciled logos and code; instead, each bears a company logo decal and, depending on the job, a separate product number and weight decal.
Backed with outside investors, including family, Asher Kazmann started Locke Solutions in January 2013, stripping the first product by month's end in a new spec industrial building located in the south-central part of Houston.
As the second plant tenant, B&C Metal Works builds forms for Locke Solutions and also handles outside welding and steel fabrication.
The high bay conditions provide Locke Solutions headroom for an open mezzanine batch plant with 1.5-yd.
As Locke Solutions enters a third year, two especially notable contracts stand out on the production log: a 100-ton tank, measuring 12.5- x 38.5-ft.
Stock products tailored to higher volume infrastructure activity in the strong Houston market, plus engineering and fabrication capabilities to turn custom precast structures for booming Gulf Coast chemical and petrochemical projects, solidly position Locke Solutions for year three and beyond.
Caption: Asher Kazmann, P.E., launched Locke Solutions with a goal of advancing the long-running, gradual shift from cast-in-place to precast methods for underground concrete structures.
Caption: Locke Solutions has delivered about 100 structures to the Port of Houston, including 5- x 6-ft.
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