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A status mandated by the security department of a facility during an emergency. During lockdown, all exits are manned and foot traffic is closely monitored
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Ger Lyons, trainer of Love Lockdown "He's a very professional two-year-old and deserves his chance.
In a letter to NSW Minister for Justice John Hatzistergos, NSWNA General Secretary Brett Holmes said the union viewed the early lockdown as a cost-cutting exercise, giving rise to serious concerns for the mental and physical well-being of patients and preventing nurses from giving adequate care.
If a prison has a lockdown, they will be starting off searching in the cell area and then take into consideration the areas outside the cell," he said.
Lockdowns can take place for as long as the prison deems it necessary to satisfy themselves that security has not been compromised.
Deputies subdued the fighting using nonlethal methods and the facility was put into lockdown mode.
Military bases, research organizations, colleges and universities are using LockDown to secure manholes in specific areas, often to protect internal communications systems.
This scene, taken from Christian Parenti's compelling new book, Lockdown America, offers a sneak preview of the emerging American police state.
district court judge ruled that confinement in lockdown units was harmful to certain inmates, notably those with mental illnesses or those at risk of developing them.
Developed by NetherRealm Studios, creators of Mortal Kombat, Batman: Arkham City Lockdown features several of Gotham City's most dangerous criminals, including The Joker, Two-Face and Solomon Grundy, as well as iOS-exclusive character Deathstroke, and engages players in one-on-one combat as they seek justice in a variety of Arkham City environments.
Separately, a middle school 2,000 miles away in Washington state went on lockdown after a student brought a toy gun to class.
Fellman said that at some point after pulling over the red motorcycle in front of a Eugene fire station immediately south of campus, the officer used his radio to request emergency cover from other officers and ordered a lockdown for the high school.