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Lock-outs occur when one or more firms take action to exclude competition, thereby reducing options for consumers.
Passengers could face rushhour lock-outs at Birmingham's New Street station sooner than has been predicted because it is rapidly reaching breaking point, business leaders and rail users claimed yesterday.
One in which workers were laid off by the conglomerates (the monopolies) and transnationals and told that they would get full pay for the period of the lock-outs -- only now to discover that this promissory note was dependent on the companies defeating the Chavez government.
Hall pushbutton key switch "lock-outs' can be located at all floors or only select floors.
The Treaties also reserve public security and order, the application of criminal law and the administration of justice, remuneration, the right of association, the right to strike and lock-outs, the organisation and provision of health services and medical care, and ownership regimes exclusively for Member States.
Both sides had an interest in resolving disputes without strikes, violence, or lock-outs. Hence, they were willing to use a wide range of intermediaries, from legally empowered magistrates to informally chosen "honest brokers" to break through oth erwise intractable impasses.
* Whereas in Britain latecomers were punished with lock-outs, in Germany they were simply fined.
Both the TDA6402 and TDA6403 are credited with a wide RF input dynamic range that prevents lock-outs. Both ICs provide two-pin connection to an external IF filter between their VHF/UHF (30 to 1000 MHz) mixer and IF amplifier stages as well as two- and four-pin connections for VHF and UHF tuning networks.
HUD also issued policy statements discussing sham joint ventures, rentals of office and desk space, and lock-outs of settlement service providers.
Although there will always be a need for occasional estimates in the case of lock-outs or other unforeseen circumstances, there are no longer estimates caused by technical problems, such as the numerous scanner card rejections.
Lock-outs were common on modern cars, particularly as many drivers don't understand how to switch immobiliser and alarms off.
Strikes and lock-outs are indicative of labour-management relations.