Local Medical Review Policy

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Lo·cal Med·i·cal Re·view Pol·i·cy

(LMRP) (lō'kăl med'i-kăl rĕ-vyū' pol'i-sē)
A guideline in the U.S. for making local medical coverage decisions in the absence of a specific Medicare statute, regulation, or national coverage policy, or as an adjunct to an existing national coverage policy; devised by coverage contractors in consultation with the local medical community.
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Healthworks) and Epic Systems Corporation (Epic - Madison, WI) today announced that Epic will integrate the Healthworks' Local Medical Review Policy (LMRP) Knowledgebase(TM) into three of its products: EpicCare(R) Ambulatory EMR, EpicWeb(TM) Light EMR, and Resolute(R) Patient Accounting.
However, based on the goal to unify local medical review policy in all of California, Northern California Medicare currently pays for and will continue to pay for the TUNA Procedure.
The reimbursement policy approval, Final Local Medical Review Policy #98.

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