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SPS has developed a People Strategy which is informed by the context within which we work, including the Scottish Government framework, our Corporate and Local Delivery Plans, as well as the delivery of the outcomes of the Organisational Review.
Plaid Cymru believes the Welsh Government should have taken responsibility for driving improvements far earlier and, at the very least, ensured that local delivery plans - some of which are yet to published - contained the elements of the national plan.
The charities reviewed the Local Delivery Plans of 44 primary care trusts across England, looking at provision for improving sexual health services.
Birmingham and Black Country SHA said: 'There's a lot of work to be done to look at how this money will be spent, we are awaiting the PCT's local delivery plans which will come in next month.
Nigel Lucas, head of communications, said: "We are very pleased waiting lists continue to reduce ahead of national targets and ahead of local delivery plans and look forward to the trend continuing.
All Communities First Clusters will also be able to apply for a few larger grants each year to support their local Delivery Plans.
The national programme board should be supported by CF Boards at local authority level (a Welsh Labour manifesto pledge), with a small number of CF clusters, co-ordinated wherever possible by community hub organisations, to oversee Local Delivery Plans.
There has to be a requirement to demonstrate that Local Delivery Plans have been shaped as much by local residents as they will be by key public service providers.
Macmillan believes the new NHS Local Delivery Plans offer an opportunity to track cancer services money from the outset of the new three-year funding system.
I am determined that the new three-year NHS Local Delivery Plans will do exactly that - deliver for people living with cancer.
The implementation of local delivery plans means trusts have to allocate even more resources to meet these government targets.

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