Johann F.D., German pathologist, 1777-1840. See: Lobstein ganglion.
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The global epidemic of obesity is a major public health problem in many parts of the world (Branca, Nikogosian, & Lobstein, 2007).
Lobstein T, Baur L and R Usuay Obesity in children and young people: a crisis in public health.
Lobstein calculated that to reduce BMI to 1980 levels in the UK would require an 8% reduction in consumption across the country, costing the food industry roughly EeAu8EeA[cedilla]7 billion per year.
A key aspect of the obesogenic environment is omnipresent food marketing directed at youth (Harris, Pomeranz, Lobstein, & Brownell, 2009).
In recent decades, childhood obesity has increased rapidly (Wang and Lobstein 2006) and may jeopardize later health, imposing high costs of illness on society (Daniels 2006).
6% in girls (both [greater than or equal to] 7 years) in 2005 (Ji & Cheng, 2008), which is similar to that of some industrialized countries (Wang & Lobstein, 2006).
Dr Tim Lobstein and Professor Mike Daube acknowledged that previous studies show that a little alcohol may lower your risk of heart disease, while a lot will raise the risk.
1) In "The Size and Risks of the International Epidemic of Child Obesity," for ex ample, policy analyst Tim Lobstein compares childhood obesity to a "massive tsunami," a "time bomb" in order to rhetorically punch up his claim that the persistence of "excess body weight" from childhood to adulthood in Europe, North America, and Australia especially, conflicts with a child's "natural growth" (107).
Andriambeloson E, Magnier C, Haan-Archipoff G, Lobstein A, Anton R, Beretz A, et al.
Rates of childhood overweight and obesity continued to rise globally, with recent research indicating rates have reached epidemic proportions (Lobstein, Baur, & Uauy, 2004; Wang & Lobstein, 2006).
Our Slamming the use of websites to promote junk food, report author Dr Tim lobstein said: "Firms are now using new technologies to encourage children to market to each other and bypass any parental controls.