Johann F.D., German pathologist, 1777-1840. See: Lobstein ganglion.
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This is important because researchers have not adequately studied the link between food advertised on TV and the eating behaviors related to obesity (Lobstein & Dibb, 2005).
In previous reports, this is identified and attributed to the antimicrobial effect of phytochemicals, which interact with bacterial cellular structures affecting their function (Saad, Muller, & Lobstein, 2013).
Using the cut-off points recommended by IOTF, Lobstein & Frelut (2003) present the percentage of overweight (overweight includes obese) adolescents aged around 11-18 years in various countries: Slovakia (8%), Russia (9%), Czech Republic (9%), Netherlands (11%), Poland (12%), Germany (13%), Denmark (17%), Bulgaria (17%), Croatia and Zagreb (20%), Great Britain (21%), Spain (21%), Greece and Thessaloniki (22%) and Cyprus (23%).
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Tim Lobstein, policy director of the World Obesity Federation, suggested another legal issue to raise with the big companies.
Values BMI were transformed in z-scores according to the International Obesity Taskforce criteria (Cole, Bellizzi, Flegal, & Dietz, 2000) and the specific cutoffs for each sex and age proposed by Cole and Lobstein (2012).
I believe we can,'' said Dr Tim Lobstein, Director of Policy, The World Obesity Federation.
The show's curators Marianne Mathieu and Dominique Lobstein estimate that Monet owned 120 works by other artists, excluding the Japanese prints decorating the first-floor reception rooms at Giverny.
Los participantes fueron clasificados siguiendo los criterios del International Obesity Task Force como normopesos (percentil < 85[grados]) y con sobrepeso u obesidad (percentil [mayor que o igual a] 85[grados]) utilizando los valores de referencia de Cole y Lobstein (2012).