Lobry de Bruyn

Lob·ry de Bruyn

(lō'brē dĕ brūn),
Cornelius A., Dutch chemist, 1857-1904. See: Lobry de Bruyn-van Ekenstein transformation.
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According to Lobry De Bruyn (1993), a decrease of 50% in ant species richness can be related to these practices.
Os cupins (termitas) sao a mais importante fauna do solo nos tropicos quentes sazonalmente secos (LOBRY DE BRUYN & CONACHER, 1990), sendo fundamentais para o funcionamento do ecossistema, pois ocupam niveis troficos na cadeia alimentar do solo (SILVA et al., 2007).
Lobry de Bruyn and Abbey (2003) found that many farmers regard soil testing as a way of eliminating poor crop performance from causes they cannot see.
1995; Lobry de Bruyn and Abbey 2003) highlights the different management practices relating to types of farming.
Some of the participants were sceptical about the reliability of soil testing, which echoes the findings of other research (Hayman and Alston 1999; Lobry de Bruyn and Abbey 2003).
The sources of information most valued by the participants were comparable to those in the research of Lobry de Bruyn and Abbey (2003).
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Previous studies (Wright 1988; Oliver 1992; Lobry de Bruyn and Kingston 1997; Doyle and Baillie 1998) have attempted to quantify effects of different agricultural management on physical properties of Tasmanian ferrosols.
Earthworm numbers in high-input pastures were consistent with numbers reported by Lobry de Bruyn and Kingston (1997) for ferrosols in north-west Tasmania (100-200 A.
However, our values for pasture (Table 7) were somewhat lower than the 96-98% reported by Lobry de Bruyn and Kingston (1997).