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1. The dried leaves and tops of Lobelia inflata (family Lobeliaceae); lobelia contains several alkaloids: lobeline, lobelamine, lobelanidine, lobelanine, norlobelanine, norlobelanidine, and isolobelanine. The fluid extract and the tincture have been used as an expectorant in asthma and chronic bronchitis.
2. One of a class of alkaloids isolated from lobelia (1).
3. Any plant of the genus Lobelia.
Synonym(s): asthma-weed (1) , wild tobacco
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Herbal medicine
An annual or biennial plant that contains alkaloids (isolobinine, lobelanidine, lobeline, lobinaline), chelidonic acid, fats and resin. Lobelia is emetic and expectorant, and was once used for asthma, respiratory complaints and for tobacco withdrawal syndrome (due to the content of lobeline); it has been applied topically for bites, poison ivy and fungal infections.

Toxic effects
Nausea, vomiting, coma, and possibly death by paralysis; it is deemed it poisonous by the FDA.
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These are a variety of Lobelia cardinalis which thrives in my damp soil.
Can this really be related to the small, blue trailing lobelia in your hanging baskets?
This giant lobelia (low-BEE-lee-uh) looks a lot like that character (left).
Cascading lobelias are especially attractive in window boxes or containers; stems trail 12 inches or slightly longer.
shadeloving Hangi casca as l ws Hanging baskets with cascading varieties such lobelias can work wonders in these spots.
Though perennial lobelias prefer a moist soil in full sun, they grow surprisingly well in good soil pockets in dry shade.
Choose from showy petunias, lobelias and busy lizzies or less common kinds like scaevola with violet blue `half flowers', trailing antirrhinums in white or red, felicia daisies with sky-blue petals, bright yellow bidens, white bacopa or osteospermums, which are really perennials but grow well as annuals.
Sow for summer Sow lobelias, snapdragons and pelargoniums to have patio plants ready to bloom in early summer.
Part-fill the basket with compost then put in a layer of trailing plants such as lobelias, petunias and fuchsias.
Go for familiar petunias, pelargoniums (geraniums), lobelias and busy lizzies or some of the more unusual types which often seem to come in blue shades - scaevola with violet-blue 'half flowers,' felicia daisies with skyblue petals or Nemophila maculata, especially the variety Chelsea Blue - smothered in lilac-blue flowers with darker spots on the petals.
But there are many bigger and more exotic lobelias, and they couldn't be more different from the types used in baskets.
I know someone who planted all-white lobelias in a cone-shaped basket, topped off by bright red ones.