lobar bronchi

lo·bar bron·chi

the secondary divisions of the main (primary) bronchi that supply the lobes of the lungs; superior lobar bronchi (bronchus lobaris superior [TA]); middle lobar bronchi (bronchus lobaris medius [TA]); and inferior lobar bronchi (bronchus lobaris inferior [TA]) are the three lobar bronchi on the right; superior lobar bronchi (bronchus lobaris superior [TA]) and inferior lobar bronchi (bronchus lobaris inferior [TA]) are the two on the left. The lobar bronchi divide into (tertiary) segmental bronchi.
Synonym(s): bronchi lobares, bronchus lobaris medius, bronchus lobaris superior, bronchus lobaris inferior [TA]
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The outer diameter is a limiting factor which means convex probe endobronchial ultrasound (CP-EBUS) can only be inserted as far as the upper lobar bronchi and lower lobar basal segmental bronchi.
TBA mainly affects the trachea, main bronchus, lobar bronchi, and segmental bronchi, while it has little impact on small airways and alveoli.
At this moment we had strong arguments for a massive pulmonary embolism, thus proceeding with a pulmonary angiogram that revealed massive thrombus in the right pulmonary artery (RAP), with occlusion of the right and medial lobar bronchi, and subocclusion of the inferior one, and also multiple thrombus in the left pulmonary artery (LAP).
They are available in two sizes, one for segmental (4.0-9.0 mm) and one for lobar bronchi (5.5-8.5 mm).
They tend to lodge in the main or lobar bronchi, with the right mainstem bronchus being the most common location given its more vertical course.
The lobar bronchi to the lingula and the left lower lobe were narrowed.