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Jorge, Brazilian physician, 1900-1979. See: Lobo disease.
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Loba Chemie, based in Mumbai, has more than 350 distributors throughout India.
Head of Loba magazine, Zarab Shah Zaheer, suggests the ICC to include eight strong teams in the next world cup, and choose two from weak teams through competition.
No1 To 27 In The List Of Chemicals Enclosed Lr/Ar Grade-Bdh, Sds,E-Merck,Nice, Loba,Ranbaxy,Fisher
PNN On Saturday, 14th July, Israeli police spokeswoman for the Arab media, Loba Samri, said that the Israeli police is still detaining five international, anti-settlement female activists who were arrested during a demonstration on Friday, 13th July.
Sensation seeking, later broadened to include other impulsive traits, surfaced as a strong predictor of drug and alcohol abuse in some studies (Comeau, Stewart & Loba, 2001; Gallzio, Rosenthal & Stein 1983).
30, Jul Date: Composite; Plate: LOBAS ANNA On August 27th, 2015.
I was interested to read the question from Maurice Lobas of Huddersfield in Holidays and Getaways asking about Aruba in the Caribbean.
According to Lynn Lobas, executive vice president of CAI-NJ, chapters could enter categories for public affairs, membership, chapter management, member services and leadership.
Attending the hearing included representatives from CAI: Ben Lambert, Lynn Lobas, Gary Rosen and Michael Peace, the New Jersey League of Municipalities and CAPA.