Lizard Skin

A fanciful descriptor for the lichenoid skin changes—e.g., dried, scaling, atrophic, depigmented—caused by Onchocerca volvulus, and characterised by layers of keratin loosely attached to the epidermis, accompanied by scarring and loss of dermal elastin fibers
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1 Snake and lizard skin products 2 Chinese medicine animal products 3 Queen conch shells 4 Live plants and bulbs 5 Coral6 Elephant ivory and skin products 7 Alligator and crocodile products 8 Tortoises and terrapins 9 Live parrots, snakes and lizards 10 CaviarBased on seizures made by UK customs officials between April 2001 and March 2002.
The first, Eye Candy 5: Textures, was released in 2004 and produces a variety of seamless textures such as snake and lizard skin, fur, brick, stone and wood.
The couple have been described as "gracelessly gaudy", known for indulgence in all forms, from mink coats and champagne receptions to specially-customised Daimlers, fitted successively with gold plate, lizard skin, even crocodile leather and zebra - more comfortable to sit on than mink, apparently.
A shop assistant also admitted they could supply customers with a range of other items in alligator and lizard skin - which were not on display.
Osakuade from Dulwich, south London, who earlier admitted being knowingly concerned in the monkey's importation and its sale, showed no reaction as the jury of four women and six men convicted him of eight other charges concerning the acquisition and keeping for sale of a python skin, various lizard skins, and a lizard skin handbag.
A piece found in Burma containing a shred of lizard skin was 80million-years-old.
The limited edition run of 500 jerseys will come encased in a handmade wooden collector's box and includes interior detail such as faux lizard skin, a commemorative 20th Anniversary patch and a signed letter of authenticity.
Queen Conch shells, coral, live plants (especially orchids and cacti) snake and lizard skin products; tortoises and terrapins;
The first upgrade, Eye Candy 5: Textures was released in 2004 and produces a wide variety of seamless, texture effects, including snake and lizard skin, fur, brick, stone and wood.
Lizard skin cowboy boots and $1200 hand-loomed Italian silk and cashmere sweaters will mix with custom tailored leather jackets and hundreds of saddles.
Even plain blacks (Debenhams) and mock lizard skin (Marks and Spencer) have been given a glossy patina, a material reflection of Millennium fever and precursor of the hyper glamorous party wear due to flood into the shops, ready for the ultimate end-of-an-era night before the morning after.