Lizard Skin

A fanciful descriptor for the lichenoid skin changes—e.g., dried, scaling, atrophic, depigmented—caused by Onchocerca volvulus, and characterised by layers of keratin loosely attached to the epidermis, accompanied by scarring and loss of dermal elastin fibers
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And Italian company Sicis offers intriguing mosaic collections patterned like realistic feathers or lizard skin.
THE drug-addled state of Punjab faces a new crisis -- illicit liquor prepared with lizard skin, alprazolam tablets and Iodex.
Although I do suffer, spending three-and-a-half hours in make-up every morning to have her lizard skin put on.
Pellets also contained the remains of beetles and ants, which may have been accidentally ingested along with plant material, and fragments of moulted lizard skin.
The luxury bags, wallets and purses are made from soft calf, ostrich or even exotic lizard skin.
The functional interpretation of tools was made on the basis of comparing characteristics of use-wear/residues observed on studied artefacts with those of experimental tools employed in processing of chicken, pig and lizard skin, and pottery decoration.
Summary: Victoria Beckham has upset animal rights activists PETA with her lizard skin handbags.
While the beads sometimes look like the scales of lizard skin, the plywood-color aluminum, when viewed from certain angles, replicates a desert glare.
The smaller dial numerals have been redesigned to give the whole a new balance; black or white, sunray guilloche worked and then lacquered, its face also elegantly matches the leather strap: Hermes Swift calfskin for white or Hermes lizard skin for black.
At the high end of the market you can buy a beaver fur cowboy hat for pounds 500 or Lizard skin cowboy boots for even more at the Nashville Cowboy store.
For a touch more, you can specify seat coverings in crocodile, snake, shark or lizard skin.