Hippocrates Diet

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A diet formulated by an American, A. Wigmore, which consists of uncooked ‘living foods’—e.g., fruits & vegetables, juices, sprouts, nuts & seeds—and fermented foods—e.g., miso and sauerkraut, raw honey
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AN INSPIRATIONAL entrepreneur is leading a campaign encouraging one million families to ditch their unhealthy lifestyles and follow a raw and living foods diet.
He believes the transition to a raw and living foods diet played a crucial part in that and wants others to benefit from the systems and processes he lives by - as part of The Energise Academy - to make a positive impact on their own lives.
The growing number of adherents to what is sometimes called a "'living foods diet"--which include celebrity devotees like Demi Moore, Bryan Adams and Woody Harrelson--believe that eating uncooked food prolongs youth and fights disease.
The living foods diet was variously described as containing foods alive at time of consumption, sprouted foods, cultured foods, foods still growing, and/or foods with their enzymes intact.
With the holiday season rapidly approaching and thoughts focus on remaining true to a vegan and/or Living Foods diet without feeling deprived of traditional holiday fare, we thought it would bc of interest to present the vegan Living Foods version of the five classic mother sauces.
The essentials for a Living Foods diet are wheatgrass and sprouted seeds which can be cultivated on trays of compost and left to sprout on your windowsills and shelves.
Brenda Cobb from the Living Foods Institute in Atlanta will be at Earth Fare showing you how you can gain top nutrition from a living foods diet. Join us and sample a living foods dinner.
The scientific literature contains relatively little information about the rationale for a raw foods or living foods diet. One paper provides a philosophical discussion that examines food energy and its role in sustaining optimal health.
The Vegetarian Resource Group has received many questions from consumers and dietitians about raw foods and living foods diets. This scientific review is a stepping stone for further research.
However, relatively little information is available about the health and nutrition aspects of vegan diets, as well as variants such as raw foods or living foods diets. A review of the literature was conducted to determine the extent to which there is scientific documentation of the health and nutritional aspects of raw foods diets, as a first step toward further study of this dietary practice.