alcoholic liver disease

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alcoholic liver disease

A general term for any of a number of clinical conditions caused by chronic excessive alcohol consumption, including hepatitis, fatty liver and cirrhosis.

alcoholic liver disease

Hepatology A general term for any of a number of clinical conditions caused by chronic excess of alcohol consumption, including alcoholic cirrhosis and alcoholic fatty liver. See Alcoholic hepatitis, Cirrhosis.

Patient discussion about alcoholic liver disease

Q. What are the types of alcohol-induced liver disease? I heard there are several liver diseases alcohol can create.

A. Here is a bit info about alcohol induced liver diseases:

Q. What is cirrhosis of liver and why is it linked with alcoholism?

A. Drink too much every might for 10 or 15 years and that is what may very well happen. Start getting totally wasted everyday and that time goes down. There is a scripture saying that goes "You reap what you sow." Its more obvious in this case. Its not just the hangovers. Excessive drinking causes real damage to your body, such as killing brain cells, inhibited liver functioning, build up of fat and body weight. The psychological damage is very bad also in what it does to relationships, affect on family, spouse, kids, community. Then there is the immoral side from drinking heavily which are the consequences of damaging yourself and hurting others.

Q. how do i know if my liver has been damaged by the alcohol drinking?

A. Blood tests to see whether your liver is working properly. Routine blood tests may be normal in cirrhosis. However, with advanced cirrhosis, blood tests may reveal abnormal levels of bilirubin and other substances.
X rays, magnetic resonance imaging, or ultrasound images, which are pictures developed from sound waves, may show an enlarged or shrunken liver.
Liver biopsy, an examination of a piece of your liver under a microscope, to look for scar tissue. This is the most accurate way to diagnose cirrhosis.

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