Littre hernia

Lit·tré her·ni·a

1. Synonym(s): parietal hernia
2. hernia of Meckel diverticulum.
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Lit·tré her·ni·a

(lē-trā' hĕr'nē-ă)
1. Synonym(s): parietal hernia.
2. Hernia of Meckel diverticulum.
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Alexis, French anatomist, 1658-1726.
Littré glands - numerous mucous glands in the wall of the penile urethra. Synonym(s): glands of the male urethra
Littré hernia - a hernia in which only a portion of the wall of the intestine is engaged. Synonym(s): parietal hernia
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Littre hernia (LH) is a rare complication of the diverticula, and it is observed in less than 1% of MD cases.
* "Incarceration": When a Meckel's diverticulum is constricted in an inguinal hernia, forming a Littre hernia that obstructs the intestine.
In symptomatic patients, a variety of presentation have been reported, including Hemorrhage, inflammation, intestinal obstruction, hernial involvement (littre hernia), umbilicus sinus or fistula and tumours (6,7).