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Alexis, French anatomist, 1658-1726. See: Littré glands, Littré hernia.
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Littre's hernia-clinical aspects and review of the history.
* "Incarceration": When a Meckel's diverticulum is constricted in an inguinal hernia, forming a Littre hernia that obstructs the intestine.
These officers singled out Victor Jara and Littre Quiroga among the detainees.
Similar to Warnnissorn and colleagues, (8) we found that the perimeatal region was involved and the absence of sweat, Littre or Cowper's glands was compatible with the hypothesis that MC is a bimodal cancer.
[sup][1] There are have been many case reports in the literature regarding the contents of strangulated inguinal hernia such as ovary, fallopian tube, gangrenous bladder diverticula, large bowel diverticula, and Meckel's diverticulum (Littre's hernia).
A los tratados hereticos de Arnaldo de Vilanova y Miguel Servet, medicos entrambos, seguian los materialistas del siglo pasado: Dupuis, Holbach, La Mettrie y Cabanis, y a estos y a otros tales, los positivistas contemporaneos como Comte, Littre, Stuart Mill, Bain, Herbert Spencer y algunos mas ejusdem furfuris-, y en lugar preferente y mas al alcance de la mano, ostentabanse la Antropogenia, de Haeckel; la Historia del desarrollo intelectualy los Conflictos, de Draper; Fuerza y Materia, de Buchner; Pensamientos sobre la muerte, de Feuerbach, y La razon pura, de Kant, con otras razones no menos al caso, de otros tales filosofos criticos.
The novelist Honore de Balzac used the French term modernite a few times in the first half of the nineteenth century, but in the 1870s Littre's famous Dictionnaire de la langue francaise could still refer to it as a neologism.
For example, an Amyand's hernia is an inguinal hernia containing the appendix (Figure 2), a De Garengeot hernia is a femoral hernia containing the appendix, a hernia of Littre contains a Meckel's diverticulum, (5) a Grynflett-Lesshaft hernia occurs through the superior lumbar triangle, while a Petit hernia is a hernia in the inferior lumbar triangle (Table 1).