Little disease

con·gen·i·tal spas·tic par·a·ple·gi·a

a type of cerebral palsy characterized by spastic paralysis of the lower extremities.

Little disease

[William John Little, Brit. physician, 1810–1894]
Congenital spastic paralysis usually on both sides (diplegia), although the disease may be paraplegic or hemiplegic in form. The affected child may be delayed in developing sphincter control but is usually normal mentally. Symptoms include stiff, awkward movements; legs crossed and pressed together; arm(s) adducted; forearm(s) flexed; hand(s) pronated; and scissors gait.


William J., English surgeon, 1810-1894.
Little disease - a type of cerebral palsy in which there is bilateral spasticity, with the lower extremities more severely affected. Synonym(s): spastic diplegia
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Keith, 66, added: "Some time ago I was diagnosed with a nasty little disease which affects one in three of us.
With information and conversation, maybe we can lure this hideous little disease out into the daylight so we can understand it better.
As my education continued, I chose to become a pediatric dentist, where I felt I could concentrate on prevention and hopefully have to treat little disease as a result.
So it's officially infectious, and as Daily Mail puts it, " it's indeed a nasty little disease your marriage can catch from friends, relations and even work colleagues".
Infection is most common in ruminants and considered to cause little disease, but late abortions, metritis, mastitis and the birth of weak offspring with low vitality are seen.
Then when you pick patients whose joints are stable and have very little disease, you won't see significant changes on x-ray in two, short years.
Regardless of genotype, all subjects who remained on AC- 1202 for all nine months of the study showed very little disease progression, declining only 0.
Women with very little disease remaining in the abdomen after surgery are the best candidates for intraperitoneal chemotherapy.
These findings are unexpected because the viruses with the 1918 genes had not been adapted to mice; control experiments in which mice were infected with modern human viruses showed little disease and limited viral replication.
The advanced lines in production are all very closely related to each other, contain little disease resistance, and are grown as clonal (genetically-identical) scions on seedling root stocks planted in close proximity to each other.
HEEBIE JEEBIE We Live In Your Head THE first track, Little Disease, is a glorious upbeat electronic dance anthem and sounds like Franz Ferdinand with a bit of early Depeche Mode.
Civil War veterans who had been wounded showed a high rate of psychological problems but little disease.