Little Person

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A preferred term for a person of diminutive size resulting from dwarfism or of various causes
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Even though she insisted on delivering the baby in her home, Tanya was warned that she could end up in the hospital due to the many complications that can happen to a little person during natural birth.
Thornton said that the son of Dutch of Cambridge was a curious, happy little person who was the epicenter of his parent's love and attention.
Among others, there's an Asian Elvis, a little person Elvis (Cox) and an award winning Elvis impersonA[degrees] ator (Oldman).
Summary: Marvin has been handcuffed to midget rapper 5 Cent and told he has to spend 24 hours stuck to the little person.
The 38-year-old singer, from Stoke, said: "I'm in love with a little person growing in mummy's belly.
Basically I'm in love with a little person growing in mummy's belly - and can't wait to be a daddy.
A Dad Is Born - A Wonderland Film (BBC Two, Thursday, Wales, 9pm) * When it comes to pregnancy, most of the attention is lavished on the woman - after all, it's her body that undergoes a staggering change and then eventually gives birth to a brand new little person.
They were willing tools turned against a little person by power players.
If the strike fails then the little person will need to find a new voice to take on the juggernaut of the state.
C4's Seven little person laura declares: Snow White or about the dwarves.
We like the stories about the little person who has to struggle against the biggest," he said.
when he meets a mammoth-sized hat named Ahh and a little person named, well, the little person.