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Little League,

organized sports group for children.
Little League elbow - elbow pain due to repetitive throwing motion. Synonym(s): medial apophysitis
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He was not merely the face of Little League Baseball in Charleston.
In addition to limiting the number of pitches that a pitcher can throw, new rules also require Little League Baseball pitchers to rest between games if they throw over a certain number of pitches.
But when Little League Baseball threatened to take away Mill Valleys affiliation if the city allowed a girl to play, the commission caved.
MAKE SURE YOUR DIET consists solely of food that can be purchased at a skatepark (or little league baseball game).
When I begin this unit, I emphasize the many ways that sociologists have used field studies to generate powerful explanations of social events and phenomena, using well-known examples of motorcycle gangs (Hooper and Moore 1990), Little League baseball (Fine 1987), and mental hospitals (Goffman 1961).
The story began seven years ago, when 11-year-old Kevin Stephan of the Buffalo suburb of Lancaster was accidentally hit in the chest with a bat at a little league baseball game.
In this seventh adventure featuring Stosh, a 13-year-old with the ability to travel back in time, he and his Little League baseball coach, Flip, try to find out who threw the fastest pitch ever.
Officials inaugurated a little league baseball field in honor of Texas Rangers second baseman Alfonso Soriano, reports AP (Dec.
Last week, Stewart's lawyers asked for a new trial, saying Hartridge failed to disclose an arrest on assault charges, three lawsuits filed against him and an accusation that he stole money from a Little League baseball group.
Having just launched a major program to bring a healthy-eating message to retail stores nationwide with a new "Better Snacking, Better Health" campaign in conjunction with the Produce for Better Health (PBH) Foundation's 5 A Day Program, Sunkist is poised to embark on a first-of-its-kind partnership with Little League Baseball to promote healthy snacking through a three-year consumer educational partnership.
Americans should remember that the men who did not return never had the opportunity to coach Little League Baseball or complain of a busy job.
They played little league baseball and took drama classes together.