Little Death

An abrupt and dramatic collapse that corresponds to an abreaction in which a zar or ‘possessing spirit’ is exorcised from a person in a primitive African culture
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But this little death has made me ask myself the question, seriously, whether I wasn't too bent upon pleasing myself.
The next instant he lay limp and crumpled in the little death of unconsciousness.
Visitors will get a chance to engage in a discussion about award-winning book Baghdad Clock today, at Pascal Tepper Bistro in the French Village, while the moderator will discuss Little Death by Saudi novelist Mohammed Hasan Alwan on Wednesday.
You worked up to them, putting your affairs in order, like a little death. You went round all the antis, mamgu, tadcu and the neighbours, making speeches and avowals, and completed a last walk along the front, seeing it all for the last time, committing its detailed beauty to heart.
Her third collection of essays, The Little Death of Self (Michigan, "Poets on Poetry Series"), came out last year.
The croc will flip him, a little death roll in a moment. 8 LITTLE DEATH CLUB, Underbelly Circus Hub, August 3-25 Cabaret-Weimar punk cabaret goddess Bernie Dieter leads her troupe of freaks, misfits and divas through an hour of dark and dirty drag, circus and Berlin-style song.
The title of this article is an adaptation of the French la petite mort (translation "the little death").
Her own books include the bestsellers, The Sexual State of the Union and Full Exposure, and her 2011 memoir Big Sex Little Death. Bright edited The Best American Erotica series for fifteen years and has a long-running weekly program on Audible, com called In Bed with Susie Bright.
So I die a little death about five times a day" - Tim Robertson, director of the Royal Society of Literature.
Philippine architecture dies a little death with each stab of the jackhammer that is demolishing Leandro Locsin's Mandarin Oriental Hotel, said Galicia.