Little Boy

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The code name for the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Cf Fat Man.
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The little boy fell to the ground and gave a hoarse, tremendous howl.
The little boy was frightened, and jumped down from the chair; it seemed to him as if, at the same moment, a large bird flew past the window.
The little boy seemed rather frightened to find a man standing there before him and all those animals staring in through the hole in the broken door.
Here the little boy on the top of the trunk gave a violent sneeze.
In a bed in the corner of the room her little boy is lying ill.
When we pass in the street the poor deluded soul subdues her buoyancy, as if it were shame to walk happy before one she has lamed, and at such times the rustle of her gown is whispered words of comfort to me, and her arms are kindly wings that wish I was a little boy like David.
And she took the little boy and cut him up, made him into puddings, and put him in the pot.
Now as soon as the little boy had eaten all the food which his sister had left him, he went out into the woods, and gathered berries and dug up roots, and while the sun shone he was contented and had his fill.
The two sat in the firelight a long time--the old, white- bearded Munchkin and the little boy.
Well, William Dobbin had for once forgotten the world, and was away with Sindbad the Sailor in the Valley of Diamonds, or with Prince Ahmed and the Fairy Peribanou in that delightful cavern where the Prince found her, and whither we should all like to make a tour; when shrill cries, as of a little fellow weeping, woke up his pleasant reverie; and looking up, he saw Cuff before him, belabouring a little boy.
I am such a little boy, I'm afraid of their beating me if I ring them up out of their beds, without somebody to speak for me.
and four little boy pigs, called Alexander, Pigling Bland, Chin- chin and Stumpy.