Little Bomb

A regional term variously used for amphetamine, heroin, or a depressant
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He likes to throw a little bomb now but he deals with things brilliantly.
I do not know what I had been expecting - probably something nippy - but not the little bomb I suddenly found I was driving along country back roads.
Washington, Feb 5 (ANI): Scientists have developed a little bomb that promises a big bang for cancer patients.
Summary: Bushehr poses little bomb risk, unlike enrichment - experts.
They were a whole bunch of little bomb devices," Salsbury said.
145) and how the invasion of Iraq encourages the development of weapons of mass destruction "for one little bomb can cause enough havoc to make it very expensive for the U.
FOR Liverpool university psychology graduate Sanjida O'Connell, it was one of those meetings that pulled her up short and set off a little bomb of curiosity in the brain.
There was always a challenge in his work, from The Devil Wore a Crucifix to the CND song I Want a Little Bomb Like You.
Files of almost any bit rate can be accommodated and the entire little bomb capsule thingy weighs a sprightly 30g.
It was weird to see the little bomb disposal robot making its way slowly to the building.
No wonder his face and neck look remarkably clean when I put him in his chair and set about clearing up his little bomb site.
So take your Granny's advice and eat your fruits and vegetables--your own little bomb squad will clean up free radicals before they detonate, causing damage you can live without.