Little Blue Book

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A pocket-sized directory of local physician, pharmacy, and hospital contact information
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Large corporate practices are worth a lot more in sales than little one- to three-doctor groups, so companies, such as "the little blue book," have no incentive to tailor their products to us.
Chairman Hunt with his little Blue Book is off his hospital trolley if he doesn't realise most people work hard already.
Chairman Dave with his Little Blue Book lecturing low income families, Chinese-style, on how many kids they can have is the political eugenics of a desperate leader.
Mao, the leader of Blue China, wrote the Little Blue Book (Bill Clinton, the leader of the United States, wrote the little black book) which was carried by the Revolutionary Blue Guard as they sang the Blue China anthem, "The East is Blue.
The little blue book, which is now required reading for all ISF members, explains the obligations and ethical standards to be followed by all policemen.
In his book, Le Petit Livre Bleu - The Little Blue Book - Antoine BuAeno has said that the tribe of little blue creatures is 'steeped in Stalinism and Nazism' and that their leader Papa Smurf, 'shows very authoritarian and paternalistic characteristics'.
Haldeman-Julius's sales figures bore out his conviction that the middle and working class buyers of his Little Blue Books were attracted not by the authors' prestige and certainly not by the modest paper covers of their purchases but by the sheer information contained within; by mid-1930, the same year I'll Take My Stand was published, Haldeman-Julius had sold his two hundred millionth Little Blue Book (Herder, "Education" 199).
She had this little blue book, her diary, and in it there are all the images of all of the Doctors and all of their adventures.
His little blue book was jammed full of exciting ideas, such as allowing parents, entrepreneurs or philanthropists to open schools, holding elections for police commissioners and even allowing local people to take over their post office if it's threatened with closure.
His coach gave him John Wooden's famous little blue book and told him he had to read "Wooden: A Lifetime of Observations and Reflections" once a year.
With a high ratio of plans and line drawings to photos of completed buildings (roughly four to one), it is an ideal Little Blue Book for students to put in their pockets or wave reprovingly at deviants from the party-line, for again it is Comrade (or is it Constable?
You needed to pull out all the stops, shoot from the hip and utilise every cliche in your little blue book.