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Informatics The ability to read and write. See Digital literacy Medical communication The ability to read and understand written text, instructions and medically relevant materials. See health literacy, Science literacy.


Ability of a person to read, write, and speak English, and to solve problems sufficiently well to function in a job and in society.
[L. littera, letter]


(lit′ĕ-răt) [L. litteratus, marked with letters]
Being able to read and write, and to use written language as in understanding graphs, charts, tables, maps, symbols, and formulas. literacy (-ră-sē)

number literacy

The ability of patients to understand their lab values and make lifestyle adjustments accordingly.
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LAHORE -- Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif said here on Sunday that goal of a bright future of the country could not be realized without achievement of 100 percent literacy rate.
Governmental support might come in the form of financing, improvement of overall IT literacy rates and the supply of IT professionals.
D) The literacy rate for women is much lower than that for men.
HOUSTON -- Conference to Focus on Increasing the Literacy Rate.
27 (ANI): Teachers in Jammu and Kashmir say that the literacy rate in the state has increased by 10 percent in the last decade.
Public Relations and Publications Principal Officer Prof Dr Jalal Arif said that literacy rate in the country is only 58 percent which must be jacked up with social mobilization.
According to recent Economic Survey of Pakistan 2013-14 the literacy rate of the population 10 years and above is only 60% while the Millennium Development Goals target is 80% literacy rate till 2015.
Cuba: literacy rate, 99/99; life expectancy, 75/79; population under 15, 19%; per capita GDP: $4,000; HDI 0.
He said population of Sri Lanka was around 20 million people with literacy rate of 92.
He said nations always grew on the basis of literacy rate but it was extremely poor in our country, adding that education system should be improved on an urgent basis.
He hoped the PML-N government would take steps to raise literacy rate in the country on emergency basis.
Which of these countries has the greatest difference in the literacy rate of males and females?

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