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Johann B., German physiologist, 1808-1882. See: Listing reduced eye, Listing law.
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As a CLE participant, member firms send their exclusive commercial listing information to REBNY each Wednesday morning.
Also included are the numerical listing, reference materials supplier list, test equipment suppliers list, supplier directory, test laboratories and research facilities listing, safety sources listing, and a subject index.
LOGSA will send you a tailored pubs listing as an email attachment.
39) Post-transaction advice may trigger the listing requirement, because the temporary regulations require a material advisor to list a person if he orshe knows (or has reason to know) that the person or any related party participated in or will participate in a reportable transaction.
The Times seems to be listing to the Right these days.
Dance offerings on the Web now range from simple, one-page listings of performance schedules to large sites sponsored by major companies including Boston Ballet, San Francisco Ballet, New York City Ballet, and American Ballet Theatre.
James) Bruce Llewellyn has the distinction of having four companies appear on the BE 100s listings over its 20-year history.
Depending on your company's long-term business and capital objectives, listing on a foreign market could provide the bridge you need to survive in the brave-new-world marketplace.
Thirty-three stocks have been removed for reasons such as listing on a national securities exchange or involvement in an acquisition.
In a letter to shareholders, NewMarket CEO Philip Verges outlines details on the Company's overall plan to improve corporate growth and enhance shareholder return by publicly listing subsidiary operations.
Every one of the 3,000 PDE agents has a fully functioning email system linked with their Blackberry, A sophisticated listing system keeps track of clients and is linked to client management databases.
In addition to the descriptions, the report includes a listing of advantages and disadvantages for each method.