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From eating a hot dog to celebrating a goal, the spot demonstrates a slice of the FIFA World Cup(TM) honoring Brazil while also speaking to discovering the power of LISTERINE Mouthwash and the plaque and bad breath benefits.
To make sure your grin attracts all the right kind of attention you need to brush twice daily, but to ensure you're really reaching those bacteria-harbouring nooks and crannies, dentists recommend using an antiseptic mouthwash like Listerine.
To celebrate the launch of new Listerine Advanced Tartar Control, Retail Therapy is giving readers the chance to win one of five Listerine goody bags worth pounds 100 each.
It's in dozens of products, from Crest toothpaste and Listerine mouthwash to Robitussin cough syrup and Carefree chewing gum.
The work is a series of surveys, as Vinikas calls them, focusing consecutively on the development of promotional magazines, the creation of demand for Listerine, the use of cosmetics, the triumph of the National Hairdressers Association in defining a separate sphere of cosmetology, and the activities of the Cleanliness Institute of the Association of American Soap and Glycerin producers.
A lawsuit filed by Oral Cancer Prevention International (OCPI) against Johnson & Johnson in Federal Court in Trenton New Jersey claims that J&J's actions to protect the reputation of its Listerine mouthwash, which has been linked to oral cancer, can be expected to result in over 7,300 cases of otherwise preventable oral cancer across the US and over 1,120 such cancers in New York State alone.
New YouTube campaign for Listerine sees rapping chins battle it out
To get Americans back on track, Listerine and Reach are helping to improve oral health habits and supporting the American Heart Association's heart healthy living initiative, My Heart.
Findings from a study conducted at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey and presented at the annual meeting of the American Dental [R]Association last fall showed that LISTERINE [R] Antiseptic reduces the amount of bacteria that travel from the mouth to the bloodstream.
If your name is Crest or Colgate, or even Listerine, you appear to be safe when it comes to the oral care merchandise program at most supermarket chains.
Listerine made an impact on the Canadian community in a strategic and altruistic way.
Tonight she's stocking up on Listerine, which I hope is destined to be poured into his tea.