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Joseph (Lord Lister), English surgeon, 1827-1912.
Listeria - a genus of aerobic to microaerophilic, motile, peritrichous bacteria.
Lister dressing - the first type of antiseptic dressing, one of gauze impregnated with carbolic acid.
Lister forceps
Lister knife
Lister method - antiseptic surgery as first advocated by Lister in 1867. Synonym(s): listerism
Lister scissors
Lister tubercle - a small prominence on the dorsal aspect of the distal end of the radius that serves as a trochlea or pulley for the tendon. Synonym(s): dorsal tubercle of radius
Listerella - in bacteriology, a rejected generic name sometimes cited as a synonym of Listeria; the type species is Listerella hepatolytica.
Listerine - antiseptic mouthwash.
listerism - Synonym(s): Lister method
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"If the targeted consumer is on-the-go, we had to come to terms with the fact that, unlike users of original Listerine, users of these tabs will not have a bathroom or sink in which to spit," says Herrera.
To maximize reach and engagement, Listerine is optimizing digital advertising in Facebook and Twitter by allocating dollars in real time to tweets and posts that perform the best.
Listerine has shown significant antiplaque properties in many short term and long term clinical studies11-13 while Chlorhexidine is considered to be the most effective anti-plaque agent available (i.e.
To collect your free Macleans Sensitive Toothbrush and Listerine Mouthwash, simply take your voucher to your local Semi-Chem before Saturday.
Each bag contains all you will need to take care of your teeth and gums: electric toothbrush, flouride toothpaste, dental floss and, of course, a large bottle of Listerine Advanced Tartar Control.
Now there's new Listerine Advanced Tartar Control in refreshing Arctic Mint which works thanks to its unique zinc chloride formula that attacks tartar build-up, to keep teeth naturally white, bright and healthy.
The addition of the Listerine brand will triple the size of its healthcare business, producing a franchise worth more than $1bn (pounds 550m) which gives further expansion in 60 markets around the world.
The tippler told the arresting officer that she had quaffed three glasses of the mouthwash Listerine before setting out for her car ride.
The Natural Dentist's Mouthrinse kills more bacteria than Listerine, according to the New York University College of Dentistry.
These films form part of a new technology which have been used with a Listerine product, which dissolves in The mouth of the consumer and is a breath freshener.